Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

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1) Major BSA update on all of Amazon. This is the redlined version. This is a quote from a news article: “Amazon will comply with European rules governing liability toward its business partners on its European platforms, whereas earlier it had faced no such liability. It should now give 30 days’ notice, and a reason for, removing a merchant from its platform. Before, it could end its relationship with, or block, a seller without warning or explanation. Merchants using its European marketplaces will be able, in certain circumstances, to take Amazon to court in their own country, whereas before this was only possible in Luxembourg – a deterrent for small-time traders. They will also be able to appeal against decisions by Amazon regarding who should bear the costs of returns and refunds. Other changes cover product descriptions, ease of understanding Amazon’s terms of services and fairer presentation of customer reviews”. It is unclear if the changes are a major shift in attitude or just lawyers changing wording to placate regulators. Time will tell how this is implemented.

2) A few sellers from the east coast are saying Amazon is directing all inbound shipments to Fontana Ca which delays transit times. There has been a spike in inventory that is held in reserve for months at a time with no way to sell or claim reimbursements.

3) Returns are the most underestimated profit killer for FBA sellers. Sellerboard now allows you to analyze return reasons and customer comments directly in the dashboard. This can help prevent bad reviews. Sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics tool for sellers. Plans start at just $19 per month. Offering ASGTGS subscribers: a free two months trial by clicking here. (sponsored)

4) New Language with patent owners: “First, you can choose to resolve your claim with the patent owner directly within the next three weeks. If we receive a retraction from the patent owner within the next three weeks, we will allow you to continue selling the items listed at the end of this email.”

5) “We are reviewing your offer for ASIN XYZ because of the following negative customer return comments: (XYZ) In order to provide you the best experience in light of Prime Day, your offer is still active for inbounding and selling units while we are investigating your inventory. Amazon is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and our team is working to troubleshoot this issue for you. After we have checked a sample item of your inventory, we will follow up with our findings and update you on the next steps.”

6) According to a Sellers Poll I ran as well as murmurs from the various groups; it seems like Prime Day(s) was MUCH busier this year than last year for ASGTG members. Day 2 was noticeably quieter than Day 1.

7) Please see the next steps on the account dashboard. It allows you to close a listing from there for restricted products. It is way more accurate than in the past. Also always check Voice of the customer for potential ASIN issues.

8) Many sellers received an RO complaint for listing Pur Water Filters the past few weeks. “Living proof locked down and dogged again.”

9) New for some sellers: “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are implementing approval requirements for Philips Norelco products.”

10) The Friday before Prime day, many sellers received Code Of conduct suspensions for listing DVDs in the wrong category. They were all international sellers so may be related to that as well. Also, many renewed sellers were suspended right before Prime Day.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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