Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ SP did not bounce back this week & was still somewhat lethargic. They seem to be brand locking and blocking many asins for non-US sellers or non-us registered sellers to sell on Amazon US. This is likely to stop BH attacks as the focus is high risk accounts from Russia, Ukraine, etc ; Sellers are reporting ASIN reviews / blocks for one complaint out of 1000s of successful orders delivered; SP is mentioning more than one related account “You have been found to be related to an account beginning with XXXXX & XXXXX.”

2️⃣ FBA new fees are now in effect. Please note “For FBA products and dangerous goods, we’ll use dimensional weight when it is greater than unit weight for all large standard-size units and all small oversize, medium oversize, and large oversize units.”

3️⃣ The Aggregator Show is rescheduled to 2/28 – 3/2. The main event is all day and evening on 3/1. The only opportunity for large sellers to meet with some of the largest Amazon aggregators and get LOI’s on the spot. Not ready to sell yet? Spend 2 days to learn how to scale your Amazon business to get exit-ready within a few months. Join now (Sponsored).

4️⃣ “Hello, We have noticed that you purchased products from you Amazon account for the purpose of resale, rental, or to ship such products to your customers. This is not allowed by Amazon Terms and Conditions of Use. “

5️⃣ “We regret to inform you that an error in the calculation of referral fees and shipping chargebacks have resulted in incorrect charges to your seller account between September 30 and October 11, 2021. Amazon will issue a lump-sum refund to your seller account to correct this error. The refund can be found on your Date Range Report in Seller Central.”.”

6️⃣ Some have reported that “Voice of the Customer” listed incorrect order numbers that was not the sellers; Vine now allows 60 ASINS to be enrolled in the program.

7️⃣ “A retraction from the rights owner to be sent to Amazon directly. You can find the contact information of the rights owner in the listing deactivation communication you have received. — A court order, temporary restraining order, injunction or affidavit, or letter of non-infringement from legal counsel.”

8️⃣ This seems like incorrect advice “How do I reactivate my account? This Amazon seller account will remain deactivated. Register a new seller account at….. Once you register, upload the required documents to the “Identity Verification” section of Seller Central. “

9️⃣ ASGTG sources have pegged 6:00 PM eastern as the best time to call AH and get a knowledgeable US rep.

🔟 Some sellers have reported wild inaccurate swings in their FBA inventory limits (mainly going down for no obvious reason); Sellers are receiving gating notifications for ASINS but they do not say which ASINS.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller


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