Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1) Thousands of sellers waiting for a response from SP received this email, which is a major step in improved communication. “Hello, we are in the process of reviewing your account. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay. There is no additional action or documentation needed from you at this time – we will notify you via email once we complete the review. Sincerely,
Seller Performance Team.”

2) Shocker!! “Hello, The Performance team has replied to this request indicating the following: “Upon review, we reversed the enforcement as a one-time exception based on a combination of POAs and the totality of circumstances”. So, while the issue has been resolved, it is important for you to understand that there was an exception made in this situation due to special circumstances. Going forward, a POA and valid invoices should always be presented (when requested) if a performance issue occurs at the ASIN level. As there are no further actions to be taken from our end, I will be resolving this case now. Have a nice day! “

3) New! In addition to International Freight and Local Warehousing services, SPM Logistics has now launched a New Premium Service. This service will deliver pallets directly to any UK or EU Amazon FC. The service will include Collection, Customs clearance, Delivery & Booking with Amazon, leaving sellers with total peace of mind (approx delivery time 25 days). Mention ASGTG for a special offer. For more information see their NEW BROCHURE  and contact (sponsored).

4) “Greetings from FBA, you are receiving this email because some or all of your inventory was incorrectly marked as expired and returned to you sometime in the last 5 months. The issue was caused by a system error that we have since resolved. We apologize for the error and have applied to accredit of a $1.00 to your seller account due to the removal fees you incurred. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for selling on Amazon.”

5) AH Rating seems to have been updated to take into account resolved issues. (ie ASIN where invoices were accepted)

6) From a concerned ASGTG member “You can indicate that a SKU is non-replenishable at Restock Inventory. By clicking View details in the Action column and selecting Hide recommendation. Hiding all SKU’S associated with an ASIN will exclude the ASIN from your FBA stock rate and estimated FBA lost sales.” This can be helpful if your score is low due to the “in-stock rate.”

7) Easily speak to captive team ! Seller central: help -> get support -> selling on amazon -> your account -> other account issue -> describe your issue: “Need to speak to the Captive team”. Selected Phone marked “this issue is urgent”. Was called, asked to be transferred to the Captive team and got the response “I am from the Captive team”–“.

8) “If you are unable to pay the entire balance, we can discuss eligibility for alternate arrangements. Please contact us to discuss your account. You can reply to this email or write to our team at”

9) This fantastic initiative was started by ASGTG members. If you can help with goods or in any way it will be much appreciated. Must see the video.

10) Some sellers have stated the BB issue has improved, but many have not seen any kind of fix.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


  • Sheryl Biesman says:

    I have always understood the “captive team” to be someone in the U.S., but recently when I’ve spoken to people who say they are on the captive team, they are still offshore. Did somethng change?

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