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Hello All

1) Major News! Account health now has an Account Health Rating, so you know your account health status in real-time. The goal is so that you are not stunned when you’re suspended and you can improve as your rating goes down. Please keep in mind if there is a major violation like forged invoices or review abuse, Amazon will still suspend you in a heartbeat even if your account status is on GREAT. This is primarily for PQ issues, Rights Owner, restricted products, and customer complaints that accrue and eventually get you suspended. This is in Beta and only rolled out for some sellers. This likely will be fine-tuned for the next few months. This is something ASGTG members have requested for a long time and is a clear signal from Amazon that they are working with sellers.

2) As many new people have joined the Amazon Sellers Community, I am seeing many rookie mistakes that are causing unimaginable losses (i.e., selling PL items without the brand registry, “getting invoices”, listing restricted products, etc.) – If you know someone that started selling and you do not want to “put a stumbling block before a blind person”, I super highly suggest they join/follow the ASGTG in some compacity to avoid potential pitfalls on Amazon.

3) Ready for international expansion? Join former Amazonians for a webinar on how to sell on the Amazon Europe marketplaces on July 21st. Learn where to start, the 3 FBA fulfillment methods in Europe, the different advertising formats, and how to bring all your international marketplace data into one place! Register here. (sponsored).

4) The BB issue is all over the forums and Amazon obviously knows about it. I am sure it will be fixed soon if it is indeed a glitch.

5) “Hello, XXXXX We are writing to follow up on the email we sent you 25 days ago. If you do not respond to this email within 5 days, your inventory will be destroyed. Why is this happening? We took these actions because we have determined that your inventory may be counterfeit. The sale of counterfeit products is strictly prohibited, and items sold on must adhere to all applicable laws and Amazon’s policies. You must ensure that the products you sell are compliant with Amazon policies. Failure to abide by this policy may result in loss of selling privileges, funds being withheld, destruction of inventory in our fulfillment centers, and other legal consequences.”

6) Brand approvals are taking a long time to get a response.

7) “Dear, we received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. Please send copies of VALID invoices or receipts from your VALID supplier issued in the last 365 days for the ASINs listed below –“.

8) Very important updates from Amazon 
–IPI minimum threshold requirement is changed from 400 to 500.
–ASIN-level quantity limits.
–Free Removal Orders beginning July 14, 2020…

9) New Language regarding the dashboard! “What happens now? Your listings are still active, however, to remove these violations from your Account Health Dashboard, please provide copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days for the ASINs listed at the end of this email. “

10) There are ASIN re-stock limits that use sales data from recent months to determine how much can be restocked. This is an issue for seasonal items. I will post if there is a solution to this issue as many have asked. (you can always sell MF)

Good Shabbos / Wear a mask when needed- Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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