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Hello All

1️⃣ New ID verification has an option for an Amazon associate to visit your business or for the seller to visit an Amazon office. For related accounts, if you do not know the root suspended accounts, you can call up and they are giving the first 3 letters of the root suspended account. If you still do not recognize the root account, you MUST fight it as a false positive and not “admit” fault in this situation. Also, if you’re locked out after changing your bank account, DO NOT PANIC. The process has improved 10-fold and just send then what they ask and your normally back within the hour.

2️⃣ New! “What is my region? You can identify your region based on the marketplace where you are suspended.
— The following marketplaces are in the Americas region: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. — The following marketplaces are in Europe, Middle East, and India regions: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India.
–The following marketplaces are in the Far East region: Japan, Australia, and Singapore.”

3️⃣ Thanks everyone for the amazing support. I cannot comment aside from this note.

4️⃣ “We are writing to notify you that your inventory in our fulfillment centers has been destroyed. We have contacted you on three separate occasions to request information about your inventory in our fulfillment centers. We previously notified you that failure to respond to these requests would result in the destruction of your inventory.”

5️⃣ Food and Product Safety issues is new and added to the dashboard. The AH rating is more accurate as of late so please pay attention.

6️⃣ Some sellers again the past few weeks received notifications for rank abuse that knew of no such violations. Nobody suspended yet so perhaps an over sensitive algo. As mentioned previously, stay away from artificial upvotes. One seller emailed SP and they responded that the matter is being looked into – but likely will not get a response.

7️⃣ “Although Amazon is undertaking this review, sellers are responsible for ensuring that the products they list on comply with all applicable laws.”

8️⃣ There are many takedowns for “seller specific information” on listings which show as restricted products. It seems like they now get auto relisted without appealing after the edits are made.” Most of the time it’s some kind of money-back guarantee which cannot ever be on the listing detail page.

9️⃣ Major improvement for eBay vacation settings which will help these days.

🔟 Per AH: if you receive a RO complaint and its valid – “Acknowledge the claim, delete the ASIN and send an appeal that shows what you’ll do in the future to prevent IP issues.” This was done and lately, the violation falls off the dashboard simply by doing the above.

Shana Tova – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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