Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1️⃣ Please do not have your web site on an image (especially main) as a way to redirect traffic to your site or they will suspend you. If your web site is on the box of your PL item and your site is on the box it should be fine (but anything that redirects traffic can be flagged)

2️⃣ Many listings were suppressed for no images even though they indeed images. There were workarounds but regardless, Amazon stated they are fixing this issue. I highly recommend you subscribe to one of the ASGTG notification channels for the most up to date and relevant developments. (often the first in the world to publish urgent developments)

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4️⃣ Odd — Greater detail on the root cause(s) of the Non-Infringement – Not as Described claim.
               — Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent Non-Infringement – Not as Described going forward…

5️⃣ Sept 23 is ASGTG / Retail Global all-day LIVE event. We are using outstanding software and have outstanding presentations. If you sign up you can watch the recorded presentations at any time after. Please join (ASGTG without the food)

6️⃣ Some sellers are getting cited for violations for items never listed. Normally, in this case, at least one item you did list. If so, when you appeal clearly only appeal the relevant ASIN and the others explain it was an error.“We reviewed your appeal and accepted it for the following content: Xxx, Based on our investigations, you have only committed the infringement for the aforementioned ASIN and not the rest of ASINs mentioned previously – please refer to Account Health Dashboard for verification.”

7️⃣ “We have taken this measure because we suspect your ASINs may infringe on the intellectual property of others. The ASINs are using a trademarked term on their detail pages, but their brand names do not match the rights owner of the trademarked term. This is likely to cause confusion as to the source, endorsement, or affiliation of the goods, and is a violation of the Amazon Intellectual Property Policy for Sellers, which can be reviewed at:….”

8️⃣ Notice “storage fees accrued while your products were under review will be refunded.” Thank you for your appeal. After completing our investigation and reviewing the information you provided, we have decided to release the hold on your inventory, and you may continue to sell. Any storage fees accrued while your products were under review will be refunded.

9️⃣ “We removed some of your listings because of buyer complaints that the item they received from you was close to, or past, its expiration date. The listings we removed are at the end of this email.” yet no ASINS listed.

🔟 You can and cannot in the same email? “We received your submission and you may continue to offer the following items on ASIN, However, based on the information you provided, you may not continue to offer the items listed at the bottom of this email. We removed your listings for these items (same ASIN).

Shana Tova – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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    Hello, I’m a new follower so excuse me for a newbie question. I’m interested in #7 above, but I don’t see any kind of link to more information. Am I missing something?

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