Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event


Hello all

1️⃣ SP seemed sluggish and out of it this week; There continues to be a flurry of “just launched” stores on high-ranking branded items of accounts that are not shipping. Most are in Pakistan; More horrible blackmail against our sellers; The 9th annual event is official and will be Jan 11  with a similar pre-event the night before.

2️⃣ Amazon employee claims to be on three teams: “My name is XXXXX and I am on the Amazon Selling Partner Experience (SPX) team. My team is called the Voice of the Selling Partner (VoSP). We aim to help identify selling partner pain points and identify gaps in our compliance processes… Thank you for your time. The Amazon Compliance Team .”

3️⃣ I, Chris Rawlings, can show you the most powerful Amazon PPC strategies you’ve ever seen: – PPC protocols to rank products – PPC protocols to expand margin – PPC protocols to increase sales – $47/seat, only 160 seats are available in our summer PPC challenge. See if you apply here. For questions please contact (sponsored)

4️⃣ “We observed that your account has higher-than-normal Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) reimbursement claims and violates Missing from inbound driven by documents from an un-verifiable supplier so we are looking into this issue.”

5️⃣ “Once the entire network is clear of inventory, including non-sellable units, and we receive an acceptable Letter of Compliance, we can reinstate.”

6️⃣ “We empathize with you and understand your situation at the moment…..It was a sheer pleasure assisting you today.”

7️⃣ “To maintain a safe and trustworthy shopping experience, certain products cannot be listed or sold on Amazon or may be subject to additional requirements because of supply chain authenticity risks.”

8️⃣ “There is a critical issue on your account. Because of Account Health Support, your account is still active but we need to speak to you about next steps to improve your performance and help you avoid disruption to your ability to sell. “

9️⃣ “My name is XXXX, and I’m a member of the Executive Selling Partner Relations Team, and will serve as your point of contact as we work through resolution of your case. Jeff Bezos received your email and requested that I research this issue and respond on his behalf. I understand that you are working to reinstate ASIN XXXXX that was removed due to verification of GS1 Ownership. The ASIN has not been reinstated.” Even though it was already reinstated.

🔟 “Please note that despite the urgency, the concerned team has advised that they are facing some technical difficulties on their reinstatement system and some requests could be delayed because of it.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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