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Hello all

1️⃣ SP was in a much better mood this week reinstating many ASIN, RO’s and escalations. Special Thanks to the suits; This week there was a NCX bug. CX Health rate is poor even though the product in question is under 1% in its NCX rating; Sellers continue to receive false warning that they paid someone to leave false reviews.

2️⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member “Always make sure your buying account and seller account do not use the same email address. Even if you are not using your buying account. triple check to make sure it has a different email address.”

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4️⃣ Drunk Amazon Employee sent this message for a towel warmer: “This product has been identified as Klip Dagga or Lions Ear...These products have been identified has N95 masks that are not approved for sale on Amazon as we are only offering confirmed, If your product is not a N95 or similar respirato ….. This product has been identified as Salvia Divinorum, a DEA drug of concern.”

5️⃣ The buy shipping team does not make it easy to get reinstated once blocked. They asked for certificates showing employees are hazmat trained. They follow up with more info, more certification.

6️⃣ “Please ensure that you take the actions we discussed today within 24 hours:
• Investigate the Root Causes of your received Product Authenticity complaints.
• Prepare to provide a verbal Plan of Action to the Account Health team over the phone on.

7️⃣ There are some law firms that are being impersonated and people are sending out bogus RO complaints especially in the health & beauty line. Always check if the domain name of the email is the real law firm.

8️⃣ Strange response “I have reviewed your message regarding getting approval for the Grocery Category. In order to continue looking into this please respond to this case with the following information:
– Screenshot of going through the Grocery application process
– ASIN you are trying to get approval for (if applicable)
– Timestamp of most recent application attempt.”

9️⃣ “I appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding the issue with the complaint submit status. My name is XXXXX, I am sorry to hear about this situation; rest assured that I will gladly look into this matter. The issue is cause because your trademark in your profile stay in pending status. To submits any complaint, your trademark need to be in registered status. I already request to the internal team to update the status in your profile. I am currently working with our internal team to reach a resolution of your case. “

🔟 “If you do not send the requested information within 20 days, your account may be deactivated permanently across all the marketplaces in the region of your enforcement and funds in your account may be held for up to 90 days or longer depending upon the marketplace.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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