Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ ASGTG in house actuary can confirm that FRIDAY is the best day for reinstatements. There was a major announcement on product liability enforcement and A2Z claims. AH dashboard now has a drop-down giving more details of what caused the complaint. #ASGTG21 7th Major Seller Meetup is Aug 25th.

2️⃣ Brands are still abusing the RO form by saying “We received the product, disassembled it, and confirmed that it is counterfeit.” And Amazon gives seller a “confirmed” counterfeit based purely on the word of the RO.

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4️⃣ SP reinstated and suspended in the same paragraph. “We received your submission and have accepted the invoice shared regarding your future supplier. We have also accepted the plan of action shared by you during your earlier appeals, but we do not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time.”

5️⃣ Pesticides on occasion is now asking for a POA
“ – A detailed explanation of the root cause(s) of the violations
– Confirmation that you have closed or deleted all restricted product listings from your inventory
– The proactive steps you have taken to prevent any similar violations in the future.”

6️⃣ “Let Seller Support know if there are troubleshooting steps or other information that will help answer customers. “

7️⃣ “We previously notified you that your selling privileges have been suspended or that your access to Amazon selling services is limited. You currently have inventory in our fulfilment centres. Under our required removals policy,” If you get this and you’re NOT suspended, check if your .CA has 1 stranded inventory somehow. This happens even if you never opened a .CA account and SP thinks its suspended & sends the email to your main US account.

8️⃣ This is for Amazon UPS account. “We are writing to tell you we have found shipments that provided inaccurate carton weights and dimensions, in violation of FBA requirements:”

9️⃣ CSBA. Customer Service By Amazon for Seller Fulfilled Orders. Some sellers got this by invite.; New on Feedback removal “Any portion of the comment that applies to the condition of your product as indicated on your listing (New, Used, etc.) or any service that you provide to the customer will remain.”

🔟 is REAL but is FAKE. Some phishing emails now have your real name (ie Hello ED) so always check the receiving emails sending address or inquire in phishing group.


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