Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ “Thank you for your submission. We reviewed the information provided to us and removed the policy warning from your account.” So far just for product review violations but it looks like they will now remove or strike through issues that were resolved from dashboard (I think strikethrough better)). #ASGTG21 7th annual Amazon Sellers event is this Wednesday.

2️⃣ Some abusive RO’s are copying sellers listing copy and placing it on their Shopify web site and then filing a copyright complaint pointing to their site as proof that they own the copy.

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4️⃣ SP throwing the kitchen sink. “We cannot accept this
— It was issued over 365 days ago.
— It was issued after the date we specified.
— It is not itemized.
— It does not contain an order confirmation number or shipment tracking number,
in addition to purchaser and supplier information.
— It shows purchasing party information that does not match the information in
your Amazon seller account.
— It identifies an unverifiable supplier.
— It identifies information for some of the items under review, but we still
need information for the items listed below.
— It was submitted in an unacceptable file format.
— It shows documents that were not requested.
— It was not validated.
— It was not submitted. “

5️⃣ “For both destination FCs, TEB4 and STL3, PCP is currently disabled since rates are not setup – known issue. At this time our team is working to resolve the issue.” (Partnered Carrier issue)

6️⃣ New Team & New Language “We have received your appeal and are reviewing the information you provided. No inventory will be destroyed while we are completing our investigation. We will send you an email when we have reached a decision Merchant Credit Team.”

7️⃣ JeffB emails are totally still working for escalations & the quality of the responses have been a major improvement. This is a new email being used for Brand Registry emails They seem pretty nice ,warm and sending friendly and useful emails to sellers; Some of the invoices seemingly black listed for Topical Reapproval are working for inauthentic complaints so they may have been black listed for topicals but not for inauthentic. Many frustrating topical issues were resolved.

8️⃣ “Hello xxx,
We reviewed the information you provided in your appeal and determined that your listing will remain deactivated. We removed the product listing on which you had an active seller offer because we detected high levels of reviews abuse activity that violates our customer reviews policies. Due to the level of abuse, we detected on the listing, it has been permanently removed from the store. When we remove a listing, we must remove all associated seller offers. “

9️⃣ New & Clear language. “We cannot accept a pro forma document as an invoice or receipt, because it is not proof that a transaction has been completed.

🔟 “We cannot accept this INVOICE because: — It was not submitted”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller


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