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Hello all

1️⃣ Victorinox is trying multiple strategies to remove resellers. Some sellers have reported “send to FBA” is blocked for Victorinox, and one said many already in FBA were disposed of. Perhaps stay away from selling Victorinox. Also, please avoid buying Ninja or Shark from any secondary wholesaler, as many seem tainted. Even if fully legit, I would stay away from those brands now; Suits are in an OK mood this week.

2️⃣ A few primary user seller central logins have been blocked due “to unusual activity detected” even though secondary users work.

3️⃣ Your next million-dollar product idea could be hidden within customer reviews. Are you aware of the crucial insights that lie within your client feedback? Take a look. With, in just 2 minutes, you can unveil astonishing insights about your products and your competitors at a click. You’re invited to try it for free.  (Sponsored)

4️⃣ “I regret to inform you that upon research we have determined that currently, you are not eligible to be in Featured Offer for this ASIN because your offer is not priced competitively compared to other retailers outside of Amazon.”. Then “We have reviewed the ASIN and found that there is a price update. We have raised a request to update the recent price. This will reflect within 12 hours.”.

5️⃣ Some huge sellers are affected by the “unsuitable goods” issue; Some receive stolen goods and FBA reimbursement violations interchangeably.

6️⃣ Please vote. Should Amazon marketplace split from Amazon.

7️⃣ “We have noticed that you have multiple Amazon seller accounts.”

8️⃣ “We are reaching out to you from Amazon, regarding a data quality audit that we performed on the Amazon catalog. We identified inconsistencies and/or mismatches in the information/data represented on the detail pages for a few of your products. We believe enhancing your detail page quality will help ensure a positive customer experience.”

9️⃣ A seller with 2% positive feedback cannot get suspended even AFTER ASGTG surfaced; New E-mail

🔟 There are complaints on broken variations with Amazon new Size Normalization policy.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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