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Hello All!

1. If anyone has a tip for Amazon Sellers, you can now share it with Amazon Sellers easily while remaining completely anonymous. Simply fill out the form on the sidebar of this page or HERE. 

2. Many sellers have received notices that some NIKE products will soon be restricted. It does not seem to be all NIKE products. Read more here. 

3. Amazon sent this out:

“Amazon prohibits the use or maintenance of more than one seller account. We understand that in certain circumstances you may need to use multiple accounts or associate one or more accounts to your seller account. In an effort to better understand the business requirements that you may have for multiple or related accounts, we request you to list these accounts in Seller Central along with the reason for relating them to your seller account.”

I am unsure how this will playout. They did not give a deadline so do not rush into giving information that is not necessary. Stay tuned here.

4. Daniel Wellington continues to file outlandish and unfair RO complaint both in EU and in the US. They refuse to retract the false complaint even if the seller agrees to never sell DW product again. They use these two emails., . If you believe in good faith that there is no TM violation, email (change suffix as needed for diff platforms), and notify Amazon about the pattern of abusive RO complaints DW is submitting. Provide solid evidence to your case. Furthermore, please report all abusive RO to me. I will then take the aggregate data and notify Amazon and other relevant parties (legal action when forced upon us).

5. FYI: Telegram has a great feature where you can pin groups to the top. It’s great for ASGTG chats.

6. This is new:

7. I have seen a modest increase in suspensions for forged documents. This is a code of conduct violation and has almost no chance of reinstatement. Please never edit documents, especially for brand approval.

8. This interesting.

“This product has been identified as a Google Home device or accessory, which is prohibited by Amazon policy. If you believe a product has been removed in error, please contact Seller Support, and we will review the product.”

9. If your account is suspended for anything, and you have a metric in your account health in the red, a pop up in SC will sometimes say “please submit a plan” for ODR. This is a quirk. If you were suspended for related accounts or something serious, do not make the mistake of thinking “gee, all they want is a plan for low ODR ”. SS will tell you that sometimes and they are very wrong. The original suspension is accurate and focus on that unless SP asks for something else.

10. It seems like (some) Fidget Spinners will soon be prohibited for sale on Amazon so unload if you have stock.

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos!


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