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Hello All.
1. Amazon seems to have shifted in recent weeks towards sellers in Rights Owner complaints. In the past, disputing an RO claim via was a futile effort. Currently, if you dispute it with solid evidence, you can get the complaint overturned. Furthermore, there is zero tolerance towards any fraudulent rights owner claims so if you file a claim, make sure it’s very real with solid evidence. They seem to have sophisticated ways connecting fraudulent complaints back to the seller.

2. I spoke to Aatish, CTO of Teikametrics on sponsored ads strategies (good one!)
a. YouTube
b. DropBox

Discussed with Aatish:

  • Why is SP important and for which kinds of sellers does it matter?
  • How do you decide how much to spend on advertising?
  • How should your advertising strategy work with your overall retail objectives?
  • Is ACOS the best metric? What else should you be considering?
  • Is Bid Automation important or should you just ‘set and forget’?
  • Where are good places to go to look for new keywords?

Teikametrics are hosting an event with Amazon on June 15th.  50% off ASGTG members – code MeetAmazon

3. “We understand that you may feel singled out by our decision to remove some of your listings. Our policies apply to all sellers, and it is not our intention to single out any one person or business.” This is new language that has shown up recently.

4. Here is a final roundup of April 27th ASGTG event. Ty Motty ( ) from Encompass shipping for sponsoring roundup video: View on YouTube  or  DropBox

5. “Items that infringe another party’s copyright, patent, trademark, design right, database right, or other intellectual property or other proprietary right are prohibited. For more information on this policy, search on “Prohibited Content” in Seller Help.” – They started including “design right, database right.”

6. “If the rights owner finds they reported your items in error, please ask them to contact us at” This is a new email address for when the RO filed in error.

7. Our very own Joel Wolh w/ Boutique Seller Services has been offering focused, targeted, customized Amazon Ad campaigns. Also, provides strategic growth counseling. Many in the group have used him & happy 718.887. 5799 /

8. This RO is very real and active lately. —P&G Compliance Goldieblox has been very active and aggressive as well.

9. The following groups are just for posting, not chatting – please read pinned message in each group
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Good Shabbos! Ed Rosenberg / (spreadsheet now on site)


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