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Hello All.

1. “We have reason to believe that you disguised product information because of this you currently may not sell on “This happens when you cover text or important information on a product. It can also happen if the stickered bar code covers what they think is important information. If you send in FBA stickered, make sure not to cover important information. This is an SP issue, not FBA compliance.

2. NEW! If you prefer a forum over TG, there are now ASGTG forums . has my blog posts, shared resources, videos all in one place, so consider bookmarking.

3. If you have alternative users doing work on your account, make sure this setting is turned to NONE. Inventory -> Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments: NONE. If not this user can create multi-channel fulfillment orders to personal warehouses and clean out your inventory. There does not seem to be any checks on Amazon’s side, and 100s of k of inventory can be sent next day to an employee’s warehouse. Amazon will not back you up because if this consultant has been doing work for you; it’s hard to say the account is Hacked. This is especially true over Yom Tov, Shabbos or long periods of time when the account is not attended to.

4. Our very own Yossi L has developed a Google Sheets add-on, ASIN lookup tool. The tool returns live info with product details (including title, size, color, image URL and more), selling performance (including rank, buybox price, lowest FBA/MFN and more) and Amazon/FBA fees. Find it on the Google Sheets add-on store or link accessed from PC For custom Google Sheets to Amazon/eBay/Walmart development contact Yossi: or PM @ymlsolutions

5. SP came down hard last two weeks on reviewers soliciting reviews from friends and family. Even if they pay full price (verified), they do not want family leaving reviews because they consider it biased. The technology being used to find reviews against TOS is more sophisticated then even related accounts (IMO).

6. This is a good link to thwart off dirty tricks by unethical sellers. View this link: DirtyTricksSellers

7. When setting up 2 step verification (2SV), make sure you go all the way to step 3 and get confirmation that you enabled it. The last step is tricky, and sellers sometimes think it enabled, but they didn’t confirm it, and it is not.

8. Teikametrics is hosting an event with Amazon on June 15th. Sign up at: Teikametrics  50% off ASGTG members – code MeetAmazon

9. If your not shipping Tuesday next week (Erev Yom Tov), Friday is your last day you can ship because Monday is Memorial Day.

10. Tip from a concerned ASGTG member. “if you use a repricer, always set the min / max price as a safety net to prevent a glitch on the repricer.

Good Shabbos! Ed Rosenberg / (spreadsheet now on site)


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