Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All.

1. This is new. “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a great customer experience, we are implementing additional selling qualifications for certain popular products in the Music category.”
What does this mean for me?

Based on various performance metrics, effective immediately you will no longer be able to sell certain popular products in the Music category, and your listings for these products have been removed.” HT Elena

2. This is not new, but very rare on RO complaints. “Second, you can provide evidence that the items you sold are authentic. If you believe the rights owner reported in error because you can verify the authenticity of your items, reply to this email with the following information for each ASIN:” Unsure when they add this part.

3. Useful Tip submitted from a diehard ASGTG member. “When searching for products on Amazon – how to I go from page 1 to 250 without clicking all 250 pages? Here is what we do…Let’s say you searched for the term ‘Headphones.’ The page count shows up to 400 pages. Click to see page 2 and check the URL in your browser. It will look something like this: . Change URL page=2 ? to 250 and click ‘Go’. and it will take you to page 250.

4. “Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon,
We have noticed that you have used third-party services that are submitting incorrect reimbursement requests. Our policies prohibit any activity that.”

If you got this warning, my own opinion is to stop whatever you were doing because now you are warned. This is tricky because they are not saying what constitutes “incorrect reimbursement requests.” As I posted last month, I feel that Amazon is looking to stop accurate reconciliation and are trying to figure out why it’s against TOS. This is very scary cause you can file one incorrect reimbursement and they can interpret that as” incorrect reimbursement requests.” This is new I think and somewhat indirectly related to the following: “After a thorough review it was determined that your shipments frequently arrive with issues that result in apparent loss of product.”

5. If your account is suspended / ASIN blocked and wanted to reach out to me, it’s best done via email ( Please include as much detail as possible.

6. The videos of the event were sent out. If you did not get it, please send an email (best if it’s to a Gmail address).

7. On May 3, many sellers received Review manipulation suspension. The majority was a glitch and were reinstated. Those that apparently were real suspensions have not had their appeals answered or very very slow responses.

Good Shabbos! Ed Rosenberg / (spreadsheet now on site)


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