Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

1. Filing a notice of infringement against a seller is serious and should not be handled by amateurs. If you file incorrectly or file a false complaint, your associated seller’s account will be blocked with very little chance of appeal. This goes for even the largest Amazon accounts. If you file as an owner and you’re just an agent (you have a choice when you file), Amazon looks at this as filing a complaint on a brand that you do not own. Consider having someone that specializes do it so it separates your seller’s account. Furthermore, if you file against a list of sellers on a ASIN your also selling, make sure you do not file a claim against yourself as this becomes a situation you don’t want to deal with.

2. I spoke to Jeff Cohen about the ASGTG exclusive on mistaken review suspensions. It can be viewed on: 

You Tube or Drop Box: 

There is no question that some suspensions were deserving.

3.Velcro has been filing RO complaints about using the word on listings.

4. May 22 is the  FeedVisor Summit
$200 off / promo code ASG200. I will be moderating one of the sessions.

5. “I’m trying to add quantity to my FBM listing in seller central, it holds it for 5-15 minutes and then it goes back to zero quantity”. This is caused when your listing tool overrides the qty you entered manually.

6. “You relisted items that we removed based on buyer complaints”. If an ASIN is blocked, you need to get it reinstated. Relisting an item that was blocked, even if the system allows somehow will get you in trouble.

7. This new. “All Refrigerator water filters listed on must be certified to at least the NSF/ANSI-42 standard (including Material Safety, Structural Integrity, and System Performance) or higher standards such as NSF/ANSI-53 and NSF/ANSI-401, as determined by an independent laboratory accredited by the American National Standards Institute (such as NSF, WQA, and IAMPO). “

8. The recording of “the event” will be emailed to attendees and those that paid by Friday AM. If you do not receive email, reach out to me and I will send you a direct link. Can be purchased here and will also send last years videos if you want.

9. This has been happening a lot lately without any appeal. “We reviewed your appeal and reinstated the following content: XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXX”. Likely another seller appealed a copyright complaint and won, perhaps with a DMCA form.

10. SP has been unusually slow even for standard suspensions. They seem to be overwhelmed with all the hackings. Reminder for the hacking. When locked out first deal with SS to get back in. Once back in, turn on 2SV, appeal to SP and wait. If money does get disbursed to a hacked account, you have a window to recall but 911 this everywhere as you can lose the funds and never recover.

11. “Brand Registry 2.0 just got rolled out – go to if you have trademarked brands to register – Brand owners are going to be pleasantly surprised.” (HT JN)


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