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1️⃣ Another major wave of unsuitable suspensions, and the suits are showing no signs of easing up on the ones they overreacted to. Some senior execs’ emails were full as they were likely overwhelmed with escalations. This seller could lose $200k because Amazon misclassified a supplement as a drug. Please engage in the post to get this surfaced, yet this seller with 9% feedback can’t get suspended.

2️⃣ Amazon has been cracking down on edited safety docs, especially for consumables. Please make sure never to edit any docs, especially safety. This is true even if your editing is unrelated to safety (i.e., changing company name).

3️⃣ Seller Chain has done it Again! Introducing the new “Compliance Mode Shipping.” Now, when setting up a shipment, you’ll be select your Shipment Mode: Compliance Mode: Automatically generates all necessary shipment splits, adding a unique Seller Chain touch. Regular Mode: Generates a single shipment, as per usual. This update is designed to help with the new Inbound placement service fees. Explore this new feature and enjoy a smoother shipping experience! Visit us on our website  and reach out to us (sponsored)

4️⃣Some sellers received emails that “Too Faced” is becoming gated. Some that already were gated from Clinique received bogus IP complaints on their dashboard after they had already stopped selling,

5️⃣This can be interesting “JPMA-certified models with a corresponding ASIN are prequalified for sale and selling partners do not need to provide additional test reports or documentation. JPMA Certified products are not automatically delisted in the instance of a product-related question or potential concern :”

6️⃣ “As we discussed, I have tried to look for possible ways to resolved the issue you have encounter and as per checking we can only process the ASIN flip for 50 units and below. Hence, you will need to remove your inventory and label it to the correct ASIN and then re-send it to us.”.

7️⃣ “This product has been identified as a dietary supplement, essential oil, homeopathic remedy or cosmetic that claims to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease related to a mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression or emotional health etc. and will not be considered for reinstatement unless the seller removes all prohibited disease claims from the product detail page and product images. “

8️⃣ Amazon sent multiple apology emails last Friday and reinstated asins from bogus inauthentic complaints.

9️⃣ I did a fascinating video with Mark  from Feedvisor about what categories are now hot on Amazon.

🔟 ASGTG  has been updated to provide easier ways to access its resources. July 31 is the ASGTG Powered by AI event.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg — ASGTG  — The voice of the SANE seller


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