Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

 Hello All

  1. Amazon reversed course on combining renewed offers with new ASINS after a vocal (ASGTG) sellers outcry. They have not yet signaled any change on the drastic fee issue and have struck a defiant tone. The low inventory fee kicks in on April 1.  Please continue signing the ridiculous fee increase petition that has now crossed 3k.

  2. ASGTG now has a social media hub that allows sellers to join each platform and specific group effortlessly. You can locate the new TikTok shop groups from the hub on TG and WhatsApp.

  3. The $1m/mo Amazon PPC Framework. Learn how the big boys run PPC profitably. Split testing, day parting, campaign chaining, intent-based targeting. It’s all covered in this year’s Profitable PPC Challenge  hosted by Chris Rawlings of Sophie Society. Strictly limited to 360 business owners. Tap here now to secure your seat.  “Questions are always welcome at”  (sponsored)

  4. “You were issued an erroneous FBA reimbursement payment between August 2023 and November 2023. A payment retraction to correct overpayments will be reflected on your FBA Reimbursements report by March 31, 2024. No action is required from you.” These can be large.

  5. Low inventory level fee – this metric says it is supposed to be updated weekly, yet there are delays, and it is not being updated.

  6. “This product has been identified as a corrective lens or prescription eyeglasses, which is a prescription use only medical device. Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of prescription lenses and glasses.”

  7. After gating Clinique from legitimate sellers’ inventory for months, including many “suspected IP” complaints, Amazon is now selling it directly in a new store for more than our sellers were selling.

  8. Amazon is now accepting deals for “Prime Day” even though nothing has been announced.

  9. The ASGTG Summer Event is July 31, and we are planning the most advanced ASGTG event ever.

  10. This is a strange communication after a bogus suspension for falsified safety docs that ended up being false.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg — ASGTG — The voice of the SANE seller



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