Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

  1. The suits sent sellers an olive branch and agreed to credit back the low inventory fee (LIF) for April. While all welcomed the move, according to an ASGTG poll, the majority are not impressed; An important suggestion for the LIF; Some vendor central accounts were suspended for inactivity;  subscribe for real-time ASGTG alerts by e-mail.

  2. Many sellers now need to recertify for the INFORM ACT. If nothing changes, then the process is very smooth. You confirm that nothing has changed, and you’re done. (HT Amazon)

  3. Seller Chain saves the day, Again! For years we’ve been slashing pesky shipping and inventory placement fees. Even with Amazon’s latest changes, we’re STILL in action, rocking our Compliance Mode Shipping. It’s a game-changer. Dodge those annoying placement fees. Compliance Mode Shipping lets you send most of your items to one location. And Save! Sign up for a free trial today. For More Information Contact us by email:, Phone: 718-215-1620 and WhatsApp .(Sponsored)

  4. Some shady sellers register TM in the UK and use that to gain control of well-established listings in the US. This happens when the US brand owner does not register their IP in the EU.

  5. Some large sellers were suspended recently for hiring Fiverr hijacker removal services. Do not do that even if your trademark is pending.

  6. There are important updates to the dietary supplement policy; the latest on shipping API notice for abandoned shipments.

  7. “This product has been identified as an unapproved or misbranded product. Amazon policy prohibits products marketed to U.S. consumers that are FDA regulated products, such as cosmetics, drugs, or dietary supplements, that do not meet FDA labeling requirements; or are otherwise unapproved for sale in the United States.”

  8. A nasty Amazon Employee did a virtual interview with a nice ASGTG seller. The employee asked for a doc, and the seller took time to locate it. The interview lasted more than 30 minutes and was not complete. The employee rudely told the seller, “I have to go,” and suspended the seller.

  9. This 10-year excellent seller was suspended with what seems like heavy-handed enforcement. Let’s try to surface.

  10. Are Chinese invoices now accepted?

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