Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event


Hello All

1. Amazon has been rejecting invoices even directly from vendors, and AH has been giving contradictory information on the reason; Large chunks of inventory moving into FC Processing before a supply chain interview is a bad sign; Please never place an order and cancel an item that you are selling for any reason.

2. ASGTG Powered by AI is only 6 weeks away. This is the best group of speakers we have ever had and extremely relevant content for Amazon And DTC brands. Bring Team.

3. Large volume warehousing provider located in South Jersey at unbeatable rates. Lowest rates in NJ, rivaling PA and Midwest. Near Major ports for fast, efficient logistics. Has rail. Perfect for medium to long term storage. Cut costs and boost reliability today! Min FTL/FCL. Contact or reach out via WhatsApp. (sponsored)

4. “Listing products on Amazon in a manner to avoid detection is considered evasive behavior. Evasive behavior does not have a path to reinstatement unless you provide valid proof of your adherence to all applicable laws and Amazon policies.”

5. Some Amazon sellers are getting an error when they request a call back from Amazon support.

6. Bizarre “- Information for the virtual assistant: Names and contract or Payment proof for services
– Proof for availing services of shipping including names & details of the packaging & shipment”

7. “we have implemented additional restrictions for Sun Protection products. Effective 06/25/2024, you will not be able to list the affected products, and your listings will be removed.” Some posters suggested it’s just for imports for items imported from certain countries.

8. Please RT as Amazon’s new forms for IP issues are not encompassing all scenarios; Suits get it right and bring down a bogus account that ASGTG alerted,

9. Consider not using a virtual address as the address for the INFORM act as it seems to be problematic.

10. From a concerned ASGTG member “Containers going up 2k in July.”

Wishing You A Great Weekend,ED Rosenberg Voice of the Seller


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