Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. Amazon continues to suspend sellers that purchase goods from unreputable “deals” companies because of concerns about their origin. It is often unclear who Amazon considers reputable and seems to be way off in its enforcement on some accounts. Amazon’s enforcement around the “unsuitable” suspensions has been woefully inaccurate.; ASGTG Power by AI featured speaker Perry Belcher, July 31, NYC. Join us!

2. Some aggregators have contacted former PL owners with proposals to sell back the company to the former founders.

3. “Do you have occasional warehousing and fulfillment needs but don’t want to sign long-term contracts or be bound by monthly minimums? Maybe you need a place to temporarily send FBA removals? Or perhaps you have a special fulfillment project which requires a customized solution? “Ultimate Fulfillment Solutions” can help! As an active Amazon seller, we can leverage our existing capacity and Amazon expertise to help you. Contact Shaul Edelman today at or call/text 973-955-8785 to learn more.” (Sponsored)

4. From a concerted ASGTG member “Costa brand is officially restricted.”

5. A few sellers have put in their 3-time slots for the supply chain interview as requested, and Amazon is not confirming any. If you get an interview after the suspension date, call AH and inform them to keep the account active until after the interview results. They have a better process now.

6. I spoke to Vanessa Hung about Optimizing listings on Amazon in the age of AI. Great Conversation.

7. Interesting: “Between April 1 and May 12, you may have been overcharged or undercharged for the coupon redemption fee due to a technical error. If you were impacted by this error, we will notify you via email before debiting or crediting your account. You may receive multiple emails from us to account for this change. We apologize for any inconvenience and impact this may have on your business.”

8. Csm-brand-review Brand Reviews seem to have gotten much harder than in the past, with multiple sellers having issues with them.

9. ASGTG received a few complaints of FBA not refunding wrongly measured items and making it very difficult to appeal incorrect “oversized” charges.

10. Interesting changes in gating applications. There have been a few reported changes around Nike Products becoming gated and ungated within days.

Wishing You A Great Weekend, ED Rosenberg Voice of the Seller


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