Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. Counterfeit RO complaints can be disputed via, the same way TM complaints are being disputed. If your evidence is solid, these can be overturned. Though, they are much harder to get overturned than TM complaints.

2. Thank you to the many of you who responded with suggestions on how Seller performance processes can be improved. The best and most realistic ones were passed along.

3. You can click on this link to see if your eligible for on demand disbursements.  (HTF)

4. Interesting message:

We have investigated the product(s) in question and have determined that we are unable to process a reimbursement for these units due to the following product restriction.

ASIN XXXXXX is an FBA Restricted Product

5. Amazon sent additional information regarding the solar viewing filters that were mentioned in last week’s post. It can be viewed here.

6. Message regarding managing negative feedback

In order to simplify the steps needed to respond to customers and manage negative feedback, starting July 27, 2017, all sellers must use the Feedback Manager page for all feedback interactions. As part of this change, you won’t be able to request feedback removal through Contact Us, and Seller Support associates will no longer evaluate feedback requests. 

7. Heads up from a concerned ASGTG member regarding Walmart customer service .

As Walmart has already mentioned to sellers, their escalation team will start getting involved in customer service, and they have the authority to refund an order. Please note: They will refund orders regardless of your policies as they are here to please the customers only.

8. Some suspended sellers received this message from Amazon:

We attempted to reach out to you by phone today regarding your selling account. We hoped to help answer questions you may have about why you may not currently sell on and the appeal process.

None of these sellers actually received any phone call yet. This could be a sign that phone service may be coming soon.

9. Excerpt from a message  sent out regarding Amazon return policy change:

Amazon is simplifying the returns process on items fulfilled by sellers. Starting October 2, 2017, returns of items that you fulfill and that fall within the Amazon returns policy will be automatically authorized. Customers will be able to print a prepaid return shipping label via the Online Return Center instantly.

We are also introducing ‘ returnless refunds,’ a feature that is highly requested by sellers. If you so choose, you will now be able to set rules and automatically issue a refund without requiring an item to be shipped back to you. Sellers have requested this because, in many cases, it allows you to save on both return shipping and processing costs.

10. Selling brand-name Sunglasses on Amazon has become extremely hard lately, for a variety of reasons.

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