Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello all,

1 ) It seems like Amazon has started suspending accounts for safety incidents alone. This is new, as they have not done so up until now.

2) A few sellers have used, and recommended, for quality control inspections. They are now offering, our group exclusively,  $50 off the 1st inspection.

3. Please be reminded of the upcoming long-term storage fees assessment, on Aug 15th. Avoiding LSF is a valid reason to sell on the  Deals group. (

4. I spoke with Steve Eilers from AMZ Alert (AMZ Website). Amz Alert has software that monitors dozens of aspects of Amazon listings. The interview can be viewed on:

Discussed with Steve:
1. Why did you develop AMZ Alert?
2. What types of Amazon Sellers is AMZ Alert best for?
3. Why is AMZ Alert Different or Better than other similar services?
4. How is AMZ Alert helping other sellers save money?

5. Recent notices regarding listings removal:

 “We are contacting you because you are selling laptop batteries/chargers. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, Amazon is implementing safety requirements for these products. In seven days, your laptop battery/chargers will become unavailable on Amazon.”

 “We removed some of your listings because products requiring refrigeration is not permitted within FBA. The listings we removed are at the end of this email.“

6. Northface Compliance / has been sending messages warning sellers to remove items. They did, in fact, follow up and file RO complaints claiming TM violations.

7. A new TG group, “Sourcing from India” has been created. The link to the group is:

8. If you receive a Seller Performance notice via Amazon messenger system, it is most likely a hack attempt. Do not click on any links on these notices. Simply marks as spam, or “no response needed”. Seller Performance never sends sellers notices via the Amazon messenger system. The following is one such message that many sellers received: “We consider allegations of intellectual property infringement a serious matter. All sellers are required to read the intellectual property policies when listing products on”

9. Sellers of dietary supplements should make note of this upcoming change in policy: “Effective September 2, 2017, you will need an approval to list Dietary Supplement products. If you do not obtain approval prior to September 2, 2017, your listings for the Dietary Supplement products will be removed. There is no fee associated with this application.”

10. SP has been sending “Used as New” complaints, requesting a response within two days to avoid risking losing your selling privileges. I suggest you reply to those in a timely manner, as the time frame decreased from the 7 days they previously gave, up until a few weeks ago.

Ed Rosenberg – Good Shabbos


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