Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ SFP is reopening with minor tweaks, including a 2% fee surcharge. ASGTG SFP sellers left a message to the suits; Seller central search inventory may be buggy; Some long-term sellers have been gated from all brands and ASINS. It’s likely a bug, and the suits are aware of this; Suits were surprisingly nice this week.

2️⃣ Our 10th annual ASGTG Amazon Sellers Event is confirmed for Jan 10th, with an Islanders game the night before. All info here  and much more will be updated in the coming weeks,

3️⃣ Introducing the best automated repricing software ever built! Flashpricer is the surefire way to save time, win Buy Boxes, and make more sales. Their Amazon and Walmart repricer is powered by smarter strategies, more accurate data, and the fastest price changes on earth. PLUS, it’s the ONLY repricer with strategies built specifically for Walmart Marketplace, using real-time Walmart data. Try it FREE  for 14 days! OR (Sponsored)

4️⃣ Clear SP Agent. “Thank you for the appeal, You have addressed the XXXX related issue, however due to other violations on your account the reinstatement has been denied until these have been addressed. Please take the following actions.”

5️⃣ The enhanced ASGTG vetted deals group has been a major success in buying legitimate real deals. Whatsapp. Telegram

6️⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member, “Ocean freight has gone up $500 from the lows and trending upwards”.

7️⃣ “The owner and operator of this account should attend this verification interview”.

8️⃣ “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, Amazon is implementing listing restrictions for Eclipse Glasses. You will no longer be able to sell these products and your listings will be removed. We are not accepting applications to sell these products.”

9️⃣ Ecomtent enables sellers to generate optimized product listings in seconds with Generative AI and Optimised copy in any language. I did a video a few weeks ago and omitted a discount to try.

🔟 “Thank you for completing the video verification. After reviewing the information from your virtual identity and supply chain verification, we observed that you have supplied documentation to Amazon which were from an un-verifiable supplier. We previously requested these documents from you to verify your identity and supply chain. As a result, your account will not be reactivated and we will not release the associated FBA inventory under investigation.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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