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Hello All

1️⃣ ASIN qty limits have been relaxed; Many more high-end beauty brands received emails requesting reapproval. SP was slow responding to suspensions and not in the best mood this past week. ASINS and ROs are fast with responses sometimes within minutes and the majority successful. Please keep checking AH dashboard and appeal issues that you can, as this is the only way to avoid suspension. RealityTV for suspended Amazon Sellers (coming soon on TikTok) use #realityTVAmazonSellers.

2️⃣ If you’re signing up for PPP, kindly use ASGTG link (referral). Thanks, Another Great ASGTG Year.

3️⃣ Videos are 100% necessary in 2021! Do you have time for video? or are you to busy working on other parts of your business? We get it! And We Know Video! Let us build your video content! So you can focus on building your business! Get your Professional High Quality Videos done today! Contact by email or Phone/txt 7182192628. (Sponsored)

4️⃣ Unusual. Amazon is naming specific suppliers they consider risky, which is a big positive. “In latest POA the supplier XXXXXX is a risky supplier and invoices from the supplier cannot be accepted. Please re-evaluate your suppliers before you next Plan of Action.”

5️⃣ SP saying WHAT to implement (HT Amazon). “We received your plan to address the problems we identified but we are unable to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please reply to this message after you have implemented all of the remedies outlined in your plan. Please delete all ASINS related to the enforcement, including ASINS XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX.

6️⃣ Back to the past? MUST watch. Hard-working immigrant 10 YR seller selling authentic Soccer balls KICKED off by mistake. Incredible story.

7️⃣ “Dear Seller, We removed some of your listings as it has come to our attention that you may be listing electronic goods that do not comply with “The Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations of 1994”. The listings we removed are at the end of this email. Why is this happening? We have taken this action because we only allow electronic items that comply with “The Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations of 1994” to be sold on”

8️⃣ “This product has been identified as a fertilizer that is not registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Although permissible for listing on Amazon, unregistered fertilizers cannot be sold into Oregon…”

9️⃣ New! “To reactivate your listings and maintain your ability to sell New condition items in Camera category” and “please provide us the following information within the next 5 days.”

🔟 This showed up on orders for a few days and then was removed. “Net Proceeds will not include VAT for Marketplace Facilitator.” I think new. Recall & product Safety. (HT Juda B)

Good Shabbos – Happy new year everybody – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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