Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All

1️⃣ See my latest article on The state of the union between Amazon Sellers & Amazon. Please share your thoughts in comments on what our focus should be on 2021.

2️⃣ Amazon lowered the IP threshold to 450 (though ASIN limitations are still in effect). They are holding off fee changes until June 1. Many are complaining that Amazon is providing seller funding refunds for delayed USPS packages. I would imagine Amazon may announce something about this soon at least for ODR See This. I think a good idea is to proactively reach out to those customers and perhaps offer a partial refund to be patient.

3️⃣ There is continued high demand of buyers looking to purchase large niche Amazon private label businesses. If you wish to consult regarding your exit strategy, visit Fortunet and contact (sponsored)

4️⃣ Legit GS1 lifetime barcodes for $30 each, no annual fee. If you need a few legit barcodes this is a great option (HT Juda B).

5️⃣ New quality specs for Supplements . Preparing for Brexit. Over 3100 from all over the world support the No Sat SFP requirement petition. Please sign and share. As always, Please remain respectful of Amazon in the comments.

6️⃣ “This product has been identified as an unlicensed Natural Health Product or drug. All Natural Health Products and drugs must be licensed by Health Canada, and must be appropriately described and labelled, in order to be sold on Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of unlicensed Natural Health Products, including Dietary Supplements.”

7️⃣ If you’re in the UK and funds are on hold pending verification, then you’re not alone as others are waiting as well.

8️⃣ Some sellers received this even though they are not US-based and were not “communicated previously” as stated
“ Your selling privileges have been suspended because we have not received required tax identity information for your account. As we communicated previously, Amazon requires tax identity information from the following sellers:”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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